About Matt Shirk

Matthew Shirk is a Full Stack Web Developer, Dog Lover, Karaoke Enthusiast and Taco Aficionado currently living in San Francisco, California. As a Web Development Coordinator and Lead Ecommerce Developer for a diverse variety of online retailers, Matt has a broad background in user experience analysis and online user engagement. From energy analytics to breaking news, online retail of all types and agile project management, Matt has extensive experience in fast paced web development and start-up environments.

Building upon his 12+ years in enterprise website development and user interface design, Matt is looking to join a team of innovative professionals working on new ways to approach user experience and data visualization. As an Undergraduate Student, Matt graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology (Consumer) including two Minors in Business Administration and Multimedia Design from the University of Oregon. On August 13, 2016 Matt also graduated with his Master's of Science in Applied Information Management from the University of Oregon, with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.77. Matt is a Capricorn who enjoys Surfing, Hiking and Playing Fetch with his Jack Russell Terrier, "Spanky".