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Waypoint Connect Platform Development

The Waypoint Connect Platform is an innovative new analytics dashboard for 2015 that gives asset managers actionable insight into their property's utility costs, recoverable expenses and energy efficiency opportunities.

Fountain of Youth Organic Skincare. Graphic Design of Logo and Branding as well as Web and Mobile eCommerce Development in advance of the 2015 International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Las Vegas!

Digistor External Blu-ray Burner

DIGISTOR External Blu-ray Burner with Multimedia & Archive Suites, the complete multimedia archive kit. The DIGISTOR External Blu-ray burner is the only blu-ray burner in the world that integrates a Li-Poly battery to ensure the cleanest burn.

Bunion Aid Treatment Splint

Bunion-Aid is the only podiatrist recommended bunion splint scientifically proven to correct bunions. Studies show that Bunion-Aid effectively reduces Hallux valgus and doctors are recommending Bunion Aid as part of their post-surgical care regiment to maintain surgical fixation.

Marketplace Naturopathic - The Private Practice of Dr. Alena Zweben in Seattle, Washington. Web and Mobile Development

100 Percent Pure Cosmetics

Purity Cosmetics Inc. & 100% Pure Organic Cosmetics are dedicated to manufacturing the most healthy and pure line of nourishing personal care products made with only the highest quality ingredients.

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Fountain of Youth Organic Skincare
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